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Q75AD1425-06 A

Motion Sensing Solar Security Light

Increase the safety around your home with this solar-powered security light. It alerts you when motion is detected by illuminating 1500 bright lumens of light. No electricity is needed and bulbs never need replacing, making this light easy to install and maintenance free. The amorphous solar panel will recharge the batteries during overcast days. For maximum performance, install in an area with direct sunlight. Available in a white finish.


  • Durable plastic construction with clear glass lens
  • White finish
  • Amorphous solar panel charges in the sun or shade, but for maximum performance place in direct sunlight
  • 20 high output natural white LEDs
  • 1500 Lumens when motion is detected
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Assembled dimensions 10″X9.41″X10.31″
  • 1 Pack


User Manual
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